Ivey Springs Stables
Miniature Horses

Darlin's McGuinn of Grey Fox Farm

 38" AMHR stallion standing at Ivey Springs Stables

Retribution of Rusty Gate Ranch x Wils' Little Darlin

"Guinness" may be a larger Mini (38"), but he produces much smaller. His only foal so far is out of a larger mare, and matured to only 26".

If you want your next foal to have sense, good looks, and major potential, this is the stallion for you. Guinness will only be servicing a small number of mares in 2011, so book today.

"This little stud has some of the best manners I have ever seen in a young stallion. After only a week of training, I was able to bring him around a mare in heat, and he still listened to me and did exactly what I told him. What a blessing this guy has been to work with."


McGuinn is the son of the handsome blue eyed overo stallion, Retribution of Rusty Gate Ranch.

He is such a wonderful combination of his dam and sire. You will never come across another stallion like him. Although he is very muscular and powerful, he is extremely gentle, especially around children and small animals. He is not mouthy in the least. 

His thick, curly mane and tail always seem to take your breath away. His soft, curious eyes make you want to wrap your arms around his neck and hug him. He enjoys being loved on and fawned over, unlike most stallions. He always seems to be smiling. 



 McGuinn as a newborn